AI & AR platform for industrial processes

Meet nsFlow - a scalable and cost-effective hands-on training tool for factory workers and engineers.

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With nsFlow augmented reality is no longer a risky technology investment that requires long and costly proof of concept

No tech skills needed

You don’t need to be a developer to create augmented reality experiences. Having an idea of the use case is enough.

Easy setup

Design and deploy processes that need AR enhancement straight away. Say “bye” to long and costly proof of concept.


Scale up your processes in few clicks simply by adding new users to the application.

The great convergence

Experience real-life interaction thanks to AI, AR and IoT convergence possible with nsFlow.

No binding to particular hardware/software

Create applications that are compatible with any device and software platforms.

Prepare your employees for their work by providing clear descriptive guidance in front of their eyes. With AR they can perform their tasks step by step with no prior training or mentors around needed.


Manufacturing & operations

Improve efficiency in production by creating step through workflows to optimise the performance, tracking work & gathering data, and being prepared for managing any crisis situations. In case of breakdown, there is no need to disrupt the production line and wait for help to arrive. Workers can fix it following live instructions through AR smart glasses.

Design testing

Machine design and industrial automation

Test equipment and vehicle design early on, eliminating the need to actually build a machine to check its ergonomics or correspondence to use environment. Create interactive documentation and hands-on tutorials for machine operators and maintenance teams.

Shipping & returns

Warehouse & logistics

Streamline the processes and cooperation with real-time hands-free communication, navigation and quick status updates are very handy in logistics and supply chain.

Remote Support for industrial processes

Meet nsFlow Remote Support tool for remote support sessions that can be performed from any location at any time.

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